We understand the passion and craving for adventure. That satisfied feeling of a good day spent outdoors is unbeatable. Replenish and refresh with our carefully hand-crafted vodka distilled locally in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Santa Cruise Spirits was born when a couple of Santa Cruz natives got together to make their idea a reality. A bottle design that was hand drawn to encapsulate special landmarks they grew up around and ones that make their town unique. Our vodka is crafted to bring community together - to give you a taste of the small town community of Santa Cruz whether it is your dream destination, or whether you call it home.

Our mission at Santa Cruise Spirits is to create great quality vodka with sustainable production methods. We are dedicated to offering a product that not only tastes great, but also reflects the values and culture of California.

Our ultimate goal is to become the leading vodka brand in the state, known for our commitment to excellence and our focus on quality and community involvement.

  • In Stores Now

    Santa Cruise Spirits is now available in 20+ stores across Santa Cruz

  • Made in Santa Cruz

    Produced by Santa Cruz locals in the Santa Cruz mountains.

  • Smoothest Taste

    Carbon filtered and aerated to give it the smooth taste.